Gabriel A. Levy, Esq.

Gabriel A. Levy, a 2017 graduate of New York Law School, wasted no time in establishing his own legal practice immediately after graduation. With a strong foundation in administrative law compliance within New York’s real estate sector, Gabriel transitioned his focus to specialize in debt collection and resolution. The initial focus of his practice was litigating against the City of New York to secure refunds, fine reductions, and settlements.

Gabriel’s extensive history of working with agencies and creditors has honed his ability to negotiate debt settlements to the advantage of his clients. He is deeply committed to each client’s well-being, showing a personal dedication to their cases.

Gabriel strives to restore a sense of normalcy to those who have been wronged. His legal expertise extends to federal court, where he is admitted to practice in both the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York. Additionally, he holds admission to the New Jersey bar, where he has primarily focused on unsecured debt settlement against prominent creditors and banks, such as JP Morgan Chase and American Express.

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